Young Carers Podcast

We have had some wonderful support from Ledbury Poetry Festival over the years, with lots of poetry and drama workshops at our clubs led by Toni Cook. During lockdown this continued with some wonderful sessions online and culminated in this podcast all about Young Carers recorded at the beginning of this year.

How to Make a Paper Snowflake

I had a special request to post how to make these after making them at our online club last night. Here you go! I can recommend this page if you want some very good step by step instructions on how to fold the paper and some suggestions for snowflake designs.

Young Carers Action Day Action Heroes

For Young Carers Action Day on March 16th we decided to give our Young Carers the opportunity to be drawn as any action hero or character they chose. It’s been fascinating seeing them as their alter-egos. Huge thanks to Sassy Steve for the amazing artwork.

Carole’s Crafts – Felted Hearts and Felted Soap

Valentine’s Day is drawing near so Carole has been making some heart-themed crafts this week. This is a craft called dry needle felting and she’s using a felting kit. If you’d like to have a go at this but don’t have a felting kit just let us know and we’ll sort one out for you!

More felt craft from Carole. – this time using soap! If you fancy a go and would like the materials to try this craft, just let us know.

Carole’s Crafts – Cookies

Carole had a couple of Christmas Cookies kits leftover so decided to adapt them to be more seasonal, ready for Valentine’s Day next month. If you fancy a go at cookie baking let us know and we’ll send you a recipe and any extras you need if you don’t already have the ingredients.